The Benefits of A Personal Website

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The Job Window

In today’s digital world, it’s practically required to have your own website, no matter what you do. Here are a few reasons why.



The first thing everyone will do after they meet you is Google you.

Do you want the first thing they see to be your boring Facebook page or a great website?


A website creates a personal brand. It shows you are organized, driven, and thought ahead enough to create a professional online presence. It determines the first impression you make online.


A better online resume

A regular resume is very dry and to the point. A website can be like a resume, a cover letter, and more bundled into one. It can detail your personal background, your skills and examples of your work.


It can showcase so much more about you than anything else you can hand off to an employer.


Find new opportunities

Depending on what you do, your website can also help you find clients. Websites are especially important for people who do freelance work.


People who would never have found you otherwise may find your service through your website and make contact.


Networking tool

One last thing. A website can also be a kind of networking tool. If you do a great job at once place, they may send your website to a friend when they recommend you.


The bottom line is, a website is an easy way to bundle all your skills and your personality into one place that can be easily shared and viewed by anyone. They take a little bit of time and money to create and maintain, but they pay for themselves in their usefulness.