Want A Stronger Brain?

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The Job Window

How smart are you? Find out! All over the Internet you see invitations for tests to find out your IQ. While we were in school, we slotted people into categories, the smart ones, the jocks, the dungeons and dragons players. It seemed like each of us was born with a certain level of intelligence and that was that. How smart you are is luck of the draw and you just have to play the hand you’re dealt. But it turns out that’s not actually true. There are things each of us can do that will help increase our brain power. Like physical exercise makes your body stronger, mental exercises can increase the strength and flexibility of your mind. They help create new pathways in the brain, keep it stimulated and increase neuroplasticity


The best part is, those mental calisthenics can be tons of fun. Here are five examples:



Not only does reading transport you to other worlds with the pure joy of story, it also stimulates you mentally, helps improve your memory, strengthens analytical thinking skills, boosts your ability to focus and concentrate and reduces stress. Reading can boost your brain power.


Play games

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It doesn’t do his brain any favors either. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, word games, board games, card games, video games, all of them help us see things in different ways, make cognitive leaps, and see new patterns, all of which leads to increased neuroplasticity.


Make music

While listening to music your brain is busy processing the sound, listening for melodies and rhythms, noticing all the elements that make up the music, all without your conscious involvement. It’s light brain fun. However when you actually play an instrument your brain goes in for heavy lifting, processing information from different areas including visual, auditory and motor cortices. Benefits of playing an instrument include increases in creativity, fine motor skills, analytical and language skills.




Exercise stimulates the growth of new neuronal connections. Increased oxygenation to the brain during exercise can help boost memory function, learning and the ability for abstract reasoning.  Physical exercise helps build brains.



Learn another language

Learning another language helps your brain grow.



It will also help you boost your memory, increase your attention and give you a cognitive boost as you assess situations from the perspectives of different languages.


A bit of light exercise followed by a good book and board games with the family, topped off with a song you learned on the guitar after mastering the language of music.  Superfood for the brain.