Learn The Rules First Then You Can Think About Breaking Them

Author: The Job Window |

The Job Window

Understand first, subvert later

Rules, who needs them? You don’t want to spend all your time thinking inside the box right? Rules are for followers who don’t intend to break new ground… aren’t they? The truth is, if you want to break the rules you need to know what they are first. Listen to Pablo Picasso. He knew that you first have to understand why a thing is the way it is, before you can subvert it.

Bending and re-shaping rules

Pablo Picasso is best known as an abstract artist. It would be easy to point at his work and say, “Look, he doesn’t follow the rules of what art should look like. He must not care at all about the rules.” In fact, the opposite is true. Picasso understood the rules of composition, color and emotion thoroughly. That’s why he was able to bend and shape those rules to make what he wanted from them.

If you want to change the rules, if you want to think outside the box and if you want to break the status quo, you have to understand how the rules got there. Then you can take the time to look for holes, to try things out and to change the way things have always been done.