Love Your Job? Stay on the Job Hunt

Author: The Job Window |

The Job Window

You might think that the only time you should be hunting for a job is if you’re unhappy in your current position or you’re out of work. I mean, it doesn’t make much sense to be looking for a job if everything is swell does it? Not so fast. Even if you’re planning on staying in your current role for the foreseeable future, there are a number of reasons to keep tabs on the job market.

Salary Expectations

When you first get a job, you want to know what others in the same position are making so you can ask for the right amount. You don’t want to come in too low or too high when negotiating salary. Once you’re in your new job, this shouldn’t stop. Keeping up to date with your industry and what salaries are for your job might suggest that you should be asking for a raise, and it will give you leverage when you start eyeing that promotion.

Keeping Up with Your Network

Do you have that one friend, the one you only ever hear from if they need something? No one wants to be that person, and no one is really thrilled to have that person as a friend. No one wants that person in their network either. If you only reach out to your professional contacts when you’re looking for work, you’ll find those contacts less and less likely to help you out. Stay in touch, pass along interesting news and advice. Ask for help and see what’s out there. That way, when it comes time to look for work, your network will only be too pleased to help you out.

The Changing Job Search

Where should you look for a job? Online job boards? Company websites? Facebook? Twitter? The job hunt is constantly changing, and how people look for, and get jobs is as well. You don’t want to be stuck with an Objective Statement on your resume rather than a Summary. You might not need a resume or the job search right now, but you’ll save yourself time and maybe even embarrassment by keeping up to date.

Keeping up with your connections and checking what jobs are out there isn’t only for when you need a new job. Know what’s out there. Know how the industry is changing so that when it comes time to move on, you’ll be ready.