The Thank You Note

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The Job Window

Depending on how old-school your parents are, whenever you got a gift for Christmas or your birthday from someone outside of your immediate family, you had to send thank you cards. You had to scribble out any number of notes and get them sent before your parents even let you play with your toys. It was not a pleasant experience. The same goes for anyone who has gotten married. The party is over, you’re now with your one true love. And you have to write a hundred or so thank you cards. One to each and every guest.

Maybe this lingering resentment over not being able to play with our toys or go to brunch with our spouse is why thank you cards are seemingly so difficult to write. We know that our family and friends appreciate a quick note of thanks, especially with a personal note, but when the Wedding or Christmas are over, there’s no real incentive to write them.

The final step to any interview

Thank You notes after a job interview are no different. Many job seekers figure that once the interview is over, all they have left to do is just sit at home and wait. But just like your grandparents and your wedding attendees, your interviewer will appreciate the gesture.

It can remind your interviewer of your quality conversation, it can keep you top of their mind and it will show that you are a person who follows up and follows through. Sure your interviewer didn’t get you a gift, but they are in charge of giving you a job, which might turn out to be the best gift of all.

Your thank you note could be hand written and delivered, but it can also be a simple, quick email. Here’s a great example from Monster. You want to say thank you, remind them of your qualifications, maybe throw in something from your interview and say you’re looking forward to hearing from them.

Hit send and you’re done. It doesn’t have to be a teeth-pulling experience. It will separate you from the crowd and help you stand out to your interviewer. With luck, you’ll land the job, and it’ll be just like Christmas all over again.