Writing Your Resignation Letter

Author: The Job Window |

The Job Window

It’s time to quit! Whether you are leaving on a good or bad note, one aspect you shouldn’t skip is the resignation letter. Ideally you are leaving work on a positive note, and you’re about to head to bigger and better things. Even if the parting isn’t exactly mutual, a resignation letter is a sign of good faith. It’s also an important document that is essential for moving on in your career.

So how do you go about telling your boss that your quitting? It can be awkward, even in the best of circumstances. It’s best to keep your resignation letter, short, positive and to the point.

Time of Notice

In both the US and Canada, there is no specific legal requirement to give a set amount of time for your notice. However, two weeks notice is the typical in most situations. The big exception to this rule is if your employee contract says different. If you’re in upper management your contract might suggest you have to give at least a couple months of notice, because it will take your company that much time to replace you.

When you sit down to write your resignation letter, start by telling them that you are resigning, and that a specific date (two weeks from when you deliver the letter) is your last day. Here’s an example from wikihow.

A Thank You

You don’t have to go into any great detail, but letting your boss know that you appreciated your time with a company is a nice show of positivity. You don’t need to get into the reasons for leaving, and you don’t have to say anything over the top. Just pick out a couple things you enjoyed while working there and mention them. In this example, you can see how they’ve done it.

Offering Help

Finally, as a sign of good faith, mention that you’ll be happy to help with any transition process if necessary. Sometimes, managers might not be aware of how you feel about leaving. Give them piece of mind and let them know you plan to wrap up all your outstanding projects.

Handing over your resignation letter doesn’t have to be a negative thing, no matter what the circumstance. Keep it quick and positive and you’re sure to leave your job with a great feeling and the best wishes from your employers.