Mistakes that Hurt your Chances of being Promoted

Author: The Job Window |

The Job Window

You’ve got a plan and you’re slowly achieving your goals one by one. That’s great. Next – a promotion! Surely you’re well on your way. Be careful! There are common mistakes that hurt your chances of being promoted. Don’t make them.

Not Asking for It

You might think that just doing good work is enough. You’re wrong. If you never ask for the promotion, you’re probably not going to get it. Yes, you should be doing good work, but make sure you’re doing more than that. Don’t wait for a performance review. If you find you’re being handed new responsibilities or you’ve just completed a big project, drop a hint that you’d like to have a conversation about where your job is headed.

Thinking Time Spent is Enough

Just because you’ve been working at the same place for a while, doesn’t mean you deserve a promotion. You probably know people who have been stuck in the same job for years with no movement in sight. One reason could be that those people are just expecting to get the promotion because they’ve been keeping the seat warm. No dice. You’ve got to work hard if you want to get ahead.

You Don’t Get Along Well with Others

Having the drive to succeed is important, constantly doing it at the expense of others will come back to bite you. If you get promoted, you’ll more than likely have people working under you and you might have to work in close quarters with more people. If your current managers see that you don’t work well with others, they might hesitate to promote you.


Do you demonstrate an interest in how the company is doing? Do you engage with others about the direction of the organization? Are you doing your best to make your role a pivotal part of the company’s success? Your attitude is something that people will notice over time. If your only interest is in seeing yourself get promoted, they’ll be able to tell. If you put the company before yourself though, your managers and supervisors will take notice.

Getting promoted is a mixture of hard work, selflessness and asking for what you know you deserve. Don’t make the common mistakes that could cost you a promotion.