Battling Procrastination

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The Job Window


Are you using our blog as a means of procrastination? Do you have a procrastination habit? Here are three tips help battle that nasty procrastination habit of yours.

Don’t Let Procrastination Get Out of Hand!


We all need a break from work sometimes, No one is faulting you for that. But if you started out just wanting to take a little break, and suddenly three hours have gone by and you’ve done nothing but sit on Facebook and Reddit, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

If you need a break you need a break, but don’t let it go more than fifteen minutes. Set an alarm if you have to. Procrastination is like a singing mermaid whose siren call causes sailors to crash their ships on off shore rocks. No matter how beautiful the song, cut it off after 15 minutes to stay afloat.  

Just Start Your Work


As much as you may dread starting whatever it is you have to start, once you get going, generally you’ll keep going. It’s best summed up in Newton’s first law of motion: (To paraphrase) An object at rest will remain at rest unless something gets it moving. An object in motion continues in motion unless something stops it. 

The hardest part of a task is getting to work is getting started. So just start!


Do Small Things First


If you have a lot of things to do and you find it overwhelming, then start with the small things to gain some confidence (or momentum). Once you finish a small thing, you’ll feel as if everything is more do-able, and you won’t feel quite so overwhelmed. Gradually move up to bigger things.

We often procrastinate because whatever we have to do seems overwhelmingly big.

Even if you only have one big task to do, split it up into small, less daunting tasks. That way you won’t overwhelm yourself and you won’t have to fight so hard against procrastination.