Preparing For Your Interview

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The Job Window

Maybe you’ve had so many interviews you don’t think there’s a question they could throw out that would surprise you. Or maybe you’re about to go into an interview for your first “real” job. If you have absolutely no idea what kinds of questions they might ask we’ve complied a few possibilities to give you something to think about.


Before we get to the questions, here are a few things to be aware of no matter what they ask.


Don’t ramble

Beware of rambling answers and unnecessary tangents. Interviewers are interested in your answers, but they have absolutely no interest in extraneous details. Respect their time by keeping your responses on point.


Make sure you understand the question

Sometimes we only half listen to what people are saying because we’re so busy formulating our responses. It’s important to listen carefully to the questions to ensure you’re answering exactly what they’re asking. If you’re not sure, repeat the question to confirm, or ask them to clarify.


Avoid generalities

Your answers should touch on specific incidents with real life examples to demonstrate what you’re saying. Rather than calling yourself detail oriented, talk about a situation that exemplified how your attention to detail benefited yourself or someone else.


The interviewer will probably ask you questions that will determine your skills in various areas like communication, decision making, organization, initiative, leadership, and time management.


Sample questions

Was there ever a time when you failed to meet a deadline? What happened? What did you learn?


Has a co-worker ever criticized your work in front of others? What did you do? Has that changed the way you communicate with others?


Have you ever solved a specific problem for someone else? How did you figure out what to do? Did you involve others?


When you have to attend to a lot of tasks how do you prioritize?


Find stories from your past

Before your interview, think of different situations you’ve been in that demonstrate the skills and qualities you want to share with the interviewer and incorporate those into your answers. Have a story ready to demonstrate each skill you think they may ask you about. Then relax. Your preparations are done. You’re ready!