Stop Waiting For The Best Time – Choose Now

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The Job Window

At the start of a new week while you’re still rested after the weekend, before you get caught in business of the day to day, take a few minutes out assess where you stand in relation to where you want to be standing in one aspect of your life.  A goal you want to achieve. A project you want to complete.


If you’re a writer, maybe it’s an article or story you want to write. If you’re an artist, maybe it’s a painting you want to create, or maybe you want to figure out how to sell a painting. If you’re a salesperson perhaps it’s a person or company you want to get in touch with, or if you’re a job seeker, a company or individual you’ve been meaning to research.


How is that project coming? Are you working toward it? Are you making time each day to do something that will get you closer to finishing it? To achieving the goal?


So often in life we put off the things we want to do or know we should be doing until circumstances are just right. Until the inspiration to get started hits us. Until we make contact with someone. Until something else happens first.


If you’re waiting for something, Napoleon Hill, writer of the personal development classic, Think and Grow Rich has this to say to you: “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”


Don’t let until get in your way

Until may be an hour, it may be a day, it may be four months. Put until something else out of your mind. If there’s something you want to get done, then get on with it. Forget about the things you think you need to wait for. Get started.


By getting started you can find ways to work around the untils. You become motivated to find other ways to get what you need, other people you can get to help. Getting started gives you new ways of thinking about things. Getting started provides the inspiration you need to keep going.


Imagine if you got on with ALL the things you want to do. All the goals you want to achieve. All the people you want to get in touch with. All the paintings you want to paint. What would your life be like? Do you like what you see? Then don’t put that life off for another day!