Redefining What it Means To Be a Leader

Author: The Job Window |

The Job Window

If you ask a group of people if they feel like leaders, the majority of them will probably answer to the negative because they don’t think the things they’ve done are important enough or big enough to qualify them as leaders. We forget everything doesn’t have to be supersize to be worthwhile.


In the highly inspirational Ted Talk above, Drew Dudley a leadership educator talks about a regular moment in his life that he later found out had a life changing effect on someone else.


A girl afraid of starting university had made up her mind to forget the whole thing and go home with her parents, then Drew walked in to drum up support for a charity he was working on. He told the person he was with to give the beautiful girl a lollipop. After she took it, he said to her parents, “Look at that, first day away from home and already she’s taking candy from a stranger.”


That moment was simply another moment in Drew’s life, so ordinary and insignificant from his perspective that he forgot all about it. However four years later that same girl stopped him in the hall and told him what he did completely changed her perspective on school and life. She realized she was exactly where she needed to be. She said, “I haven’t spoken to you once in the four years since that day, but I heard you were leaving and a had to tell you, you’ve been an incredibly important person in my life and I’m going to miss you. Good luck.”


You never know what kind of impact your words and actions have on other people. Leadership isn’t only about being in charge of a group of people or running an entire organization. It’s about doing your best everyday with enthusiasm and dedication. You never know how important what you say or do may be in the lives of others.


If you have a positive impact on one person, you have done a wonderful thing. You are a leader to them.