Creating a Sense of Accomplishment Everyday

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The Job Window

Often times the biggest most important things on our to-do lists are the ones that end up not getting done. We put them off day after day because they’re big and they feel complicated and difficult and we never feel like we have enough time or energy to deal with them.


Instead of dreading one big project, think of completing several small ones

Usually it’s not a question of not being able to do the big thing, it’s more a question of feeling overwhelmed by the size of it. So instead of looking at the project or task as one big thing that needs doing, try breaking it down into several smaller things that can each be accomplished on the way to finishing up the whole.


For instance say you have to create a new website for your business. That might involve coming up with headers, figuring out what needs to be written under each header, working out the visuals etc. Creating a whole new website is a big project. Coming up with headers for a website is a manageable smaller task.


Sense of accomplishment

By putting something off and not completing it you begin to associate negative feelings with it. It becomes the looming thing that’s not getting done. By doing one small part of it you’re switching that negative to a positive, creating a positive outcome. Positive outcomes give you a feeling of control and accomplishment and motivate you to continue creating more positive outcomes.


One thing a day

We’ve all passed those billboards on the highway that say, “If you lived here, you’d be home by now.”  Big projects are like that too, only the billboard says, If I’d started this project two weeks ago, I’d be done by now.


As soon as you get the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing the first small task, you’re well on your way to the next task. By focusing on one small part of your big project a day, building on the positive outcomes, it doesn’t take long for the big project to become a manageable sized project, on the way to a nearly completed project and finally a done project.


How efficiently you tackle your work has so much to do with how you perceive it and how you perceive yourself in relation to it. If it feels too big, you may put off attending to it. If you feel overwhelmed by it you may avoid it. The completion of each smaller thing creates a sense of accomplishment, and soon instead of having a big thing you’re avoiding doing, you have small things you look forward to completing.