Staying Hungry

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The Job Window

Of course Steven Spielberg never gets tired of making movies you might think. What could be more fun and exciting than playing with a giant animatronic shark in one movie, a lost alien in another and a bridge full of spies in yet another. That may be so, but it’s also true that that is the life Steven Spielberg created for himself. Before he was actually allowed onto Universal Studios, 17 year old Spielberg, snuck onto the lot every day of the week and networked with every single person who would give him the time of day.


Persistence can change your history

No matter how often he was thrown off the lot, he snuck back on. He finally managed to get the execs there to review a short film he shot called Amblin (recognize the name?) He became the youngest director ever hired on by the studio, and the rest as they say, is history.


Ambition to drive change

The drive, dedication and persistence that nourished the ambitions of seventeen year old Steven Spielberg are the same things that drive him today. That’s why what he does never gets old.