Dealing With Rejection Following a Job Interview

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The Job Window

Getting rejected following a job interview is hard. But you have to remember, it happens to everybody. Here are some tips to help you deal with that rejection.


Let your frustrations out

Write an angry letter you won’t send, scream into a pillow, listen to some angry music, do what you have to do to let your frustrations out. Purge any lingering negative emotions as quickly and efficiently as you can.


Reflect on the situation

Think about any factors that may have contributed to your not getting the position. Make a list of things you can do better next time, and make sure to implement those ideas.


Thank them for their time

Even if an interview is unsuccessful, you should still always thank the interviewer for their time. Be polite and gracious. You never know, maybe they’ll call you next time

something comes up.


Go forward

Take the rejection in stride and go forward. Apply to more jobs, implement what you’ve learned, use the experience to better yourself. Being angry or sad or wanting to give up will keep you stuck in the same place far longer than necessary.


Blessing in disguise

You never know, this rejection could be the one before your dream job shows up Maybe the things this rejection taught you will help you move on to bigger better things. You know what they say, when a job door shuts, a job window opens!