Starting a New Job

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The Job Window

Welcome to your first day of work! From figuring out the best route to take to work, to getting acquainted with your new workspace, to the barrage of new faces you might be feeling overwhelmed.


Don’t worry, that’s normal. Just about everyone feels like they are in way over their head on the first day. Here are a few tips to help make the first day a little less stressful.


Take A Deep Breath

The best thing you can do is when you are feeling like everything is crazy, is also the simplest thing. Breath. Take a deep breath. Sometimes taking a moment to compose yourself is all you need to do to start feeling more like yourself. In jobs like customer service, this isn’t always possible because you have customers waiting. In that case look for an opportunity, like a break or lunch hour and take a few minutes of you time.


Ask Questions

On the first day at your new job, it’ll be tempting to just let your new boss or supervisor talk at you. With so much information to take in, you may just want to listen and try to retain as much as you can. But if there is something you don’t understand, or you didn’t hear something they said, don’t hope it will somehow sink in through osmosis. Always be willing to ask questions.


Make Friends

It may sound obvious at first, but making introductions, especially on the first day, can set you up for success through the rest of your work life. People want to know that you’re invested not only in the job, but also the work atmosphere.

Make sure you introduce yourself to people you may not normally think of, like the receptionist or people you don’t recognize in the break room. It’ll be appreciated, and show that you’re interested in the company, not just trying to move up through it. The value of personal relationships can’t be stressed enough.


Know the Expectations

We’ve all said, “It’s my first day” as a defense as to why we might not be totally on top of things. And here’s the thing, there’s some truth to it. One of the biggest stresses we feel on the job is trying to be perfect. But no one is expecting you to have it all together on the first day. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have everything down by the end of day one. Keep asking questions and it will all be old hat soon enough.