What Are You Dreaming About Today?

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The Job Window

Why do some people have an extra bounce in their step? What gives them that extra shot of energy in the morning that others can’t achieve no matter how many cups of coffee they manage to consume?


The fuel of determination

It could be those bouncy energetic people are fuelled by the determination to reach a goal they’ve set for themselves. There’s nothing like a goal or a dream to stoke the fires of passion and keep each day interesting and motivating. It doesn’t really matter whether that goal is as big as becoming head of the organization or as small as perfecting your skills at excel. The point is the goal. Having something to strive for everyday gives extra meaning to the day.


Once you’ve achieved your goal not only have you done what you set out to do, you also get to enjoy a sense of accomplishment, which you can use to push you on to the next goal.


The thing about striving for something is it captures our imagination, our sense of self and well being and none of those things are restricted by age or experience.


An infinite capacity to dream

Each of us has in infinite capacity to dream and the pursuit of those dreams is life’s greatest motivator. Sometimes we’ll achieve them, sometimes we won’t but having them makes the journey interesting. That’s why they say, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters.