Setting Your Mind To Success

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The Job Window

On TV and in the movies, a lot of people seem to spend a lot of time slacking off, just waiting for the hour hand to finally drag itself to 5 so they can get out of there – and usually slack off somewhere else!


Some people are happy with that slacking, unmotivated mindset, but others see something better for their lives. They’d like to press that re-set button, but they’re just not sure how.


Change your belief system

One of the biggest reasons people feel stuck in their jobs or careers is that they believe there is no room for growth or change. They believe that no matter what they do, nothing will change and if that’s the case, why bother? The truth is, life is an ever changing proposition. Sometimes it just needs a nudge to help it along. If you find yourself looking out over still waters day after day, it’s up to you to throw a rock into them.


Figure out where you can start to make changes

Changing your mindset starts with recognizing the possibilities of what you can achieve within your current situation. Take the time to see what you can do within your position. Where is the company growing or looking to grow? Are there problems the company is facing that you could provide solutions for?


Focus on long term goals

When our eyes are locked on the clock, we’re not thinking of long-term goals. We’re thinking only of today’s tasks and tomorrow’s work. Focusing on long-term goals, for ourselves and for our careers, allows us to find spots where we can contribute outside of what we do day-to-day. This is more than just a way to get a promotion, this is a way to make yourself truly valuable to your company and feel better about yourself and what you’re doing.


Are you in the right place?

If you’ve investigated all possibilities within your current situation and there’s absolutely nowhere to grow then maybe it’s time to make a change. Thinking of uprooting and searching out a new opportunity can be daunting and scary, but it can also open your eyes to all kinds of new possibilities.


Focus on where you want to go

Approaching your job with the right mindset can make all the difference. Whether it’s seeking out new challenges, keeping the long term in mind or making sure you’re in a place that allows for growth, will make your work something you look forward to rather than an exercise in waiting for the time to pass.


When they teach you to drive they tell you to point your eyes in the direction you want to go. Same things goes for your mind. Set it in the direction of your goals and aspirations and with your foot on the gas, the time will fly by.