Post Interview Thank You Notes

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The Job Window

No matter how well or less well you feel like your interview went, it’s important to always follow it up by thanking your interviewer. The personal follow up will increase your chances of getting noticed and considered for a second interview. It demonstrates your follow through and your commitment to yourself and your future.


Short and to the point


Your thank you message doesn’t need to be long or elaborate. You can either start by addressing them by their first name or Ms./Mr. depending on how formal or informal the interview was.


Then, you want to thank them for giving you the opportunity to meet with them. But don’t stop there – reiterate some interesting topics about the company or something that you both talked about during the interview. Doing this will help the interviewer remember you and distinguish you from the other candidates that he or she has interviewed. It also shows that you are a great conversationalist and a good listener.


Finally reiterate your interest in the job and let them know you are eagerly awaiting their response. Thank you again for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


Don’t get your hopes up after sending the letter


One important thing to remember is that sending the thank you letter in no way guarantees you the job. It’s a courtesy. If they’re already thinking of hiring you it consolidates their decision. If they’re on the fence, it may work in your favour. If they’ve already decided on someone else, it may lead them to keep you in mind for the future. In all cases it’s what you should do.