Keeping Your Resume Relevant

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The Job Window

The resume of someone just entering the workforce is a very different thing from the resume of someone with twenty years behind them. Each of those people bring different experiences and expectations to the job market and that’s reflected in their resume.


For example a person new to the job market probably doesn’t have that much professional experience so they’ll be focusing more on education and potential whereas someone who’s had a few jobs can pick and choose where to focus the potential employer’s attention.


Following is a break down of what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on, depending on how much experience you have in the world of the employed.


New to the job market

As mentioned earlier previous experience probably won’t be the main focus of this resume. Here you have the opportunity to highlight education, volunteer experiences, internships.


Rather than creating a long list of every single thing you can think of to fill the page, what you want to do is chose the things most relevant to the jobs you’re applying for, and discuss what you accomplished and learned from each experience. For example:


“Was in charge of volunteers for summer festival. Co-ordinated with all the volunteers over phone and email, created schedules, gained skills in Excel.”


After about 5 years in the workforce

With experience taking up the majority of your resume, education has moved to the bottom.


While detailing your experiences, remember to focus on stand out moments. For instance if you were put in charge of any projects and had a chance to benefit the company. If you had a chance to work in a team environment, talk about that and what you learned from it. Also don’t forget to include any opportunities you had for professional development.


About 10 years in

At this point you’ll be cutting out old jobs and focusing on the most recent or relevant positions. You’ll want to highlight how you have benefitted the organizations you’ve worked for and awards. You’ve had some detailed experiences, give those details.