When It's Time To Adjust Your Actions

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The Job Window

When you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to reach a goal and you hit brick wall after brick wall after brick wall, you may decide continuing with the effort is simply a waste of time and energy.


The goal isn’t the problem

If all your efforts are constantly producing negative results, you’re right, they probably are a waste of time and energy. That’s not to say your goal is a waste of time and energy, just your chosen method for reaching it.


A single negative result doesn’t necessarily indicate you need to change things up, but a succession of negative results does.


Change can be painful

Say you’re an aspiring author and all you get is negative response after negative response. That doesn’t mean you should give up your goal of getting published. It does mean you need to change up your cover letter. It means you need to have another look at the manuscript and determine what the problem is. If it needs a re-write, then re-write and get back at it. If it means tossing that particular manuscript out and starting again, then that’s what you do. Throwing out a manuscript might hurt in the short term, but if you’ve determined what was wrong with it and you know what you can do better, then you recognize the re-write is simply an adjustment of action steps. The goal is still there, how you go about achieving it is what changes.


Adjusting your action steps can lead to new and unpredictable places and opportunities. Opportunities you may never have come across if you were determined to stick with the same plan of action to the bitter end.


Lofty goals are not for the feint of heart. They’re hard work, they can wear on you emotionally and physically, but there’s nothing like the amazing feeling of accomplishment once achieved!