Be The Person You Want To Be

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The Job Window

When you were a little kid you might have dreamed of growing up to be Superman or Wonder Woman or a dinosaur. You might have cycled through fire fighter, veterinarian, astronaut before settling on your current goal.


Now that you have your sights set on a specific goal, whether that be head of a company, a best selling poet, the first person to orbit Mars, or team leader in your current position how are you doing in that quest?


Are you getting closer to achieving your ambitions everyday? Are you doing something to get yourself closer or hoping someone will notice how good you are at waiting for your turn?


Something many people have used to improve and accelerate the push toward their future is to wear the coat (metaphorically) of the person they aspire to be.  If you want to be head of a company then dress like the head of a company. Walk like them. Wake up and think of yourself as already in charge of a room full of people.

Be confident in your speech. If you want to be a best selling poet then get yourself in front of rooms full of people are read your poetry. Share it online. Own it. 


When you present the person you want to be to the outside world, it goes a long way toward internalizing that person.


In the super popular Ted Talk called

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are, Amy Cuddy, discusses how something as simple as changing your body language can have profound effects on your level of success.  Amy says, “Fake it till you become it. Do it enough until you actually become it and internalize.”


Descartes said, “I think therefore I am.” Tweak that just a little. “What I think I am, I am.”