I Am What I Choose To Become

Author: The Job Window |

The Job Window

No matter how well you plan or how hard you strive, sometimes things simply don’t work out. Sometimes you feel like you’re totally on the right track and everything is exactly how it should be, then out of nowhere – BAM something unforeseen happens and everything gets derailed.


Life happens. Things don’t go as planned. People come out of nowhere and steal the prize from under your nose, your girl chooses some other guy.


Taking the good and bad in stride

Good, bad, amazing, horrible things will happen to us. It’s easy to take the good stuff in stride because it’s good! It’s so much less easy to take the bad in stride. When bad stuff happens, it makes us want to stop and stare at it, as if staring will change it. It immobilizes us, as if we’ve forgotten how to go around it. It creates a shadow as if we are the negative, as opposed to being in a negative situation.


Your reaction is your choice

You may not have any control over what happens to you, but you do have full control over how you choose to react. Over what you choose to do about it.  


You absolutely know negative things will happen. Only you can determine how long you will let them hold you in your sway. You get to choose how you’re going to frame the situation. If you can find any positives in the negatives. Whether or not to get stuck in what if land.


No matter what move life chooses to make, the next move is always yours!