Getting More Done Everyday

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The Job Window

Maybe you are very content with how much you manage to accomplish everyday, however if you’re like most you probably look at the super successful and wonder how they manage to squeeze in so much.  It turns out the very successful have a few things in common.


Very specific to-do lists

We all know the importance of having a to-do list, because if you don’t plan out what you want to do, things are certain to fall through the cracks.  What you may not realize, is, simply having a to-do list isn’t enough to give you a step up on the success ladder. To make the most of a to-do list, you need to slot in tasks for every hour or every half hour or every fifteen minutes. By inserting your tasks into time slots you’re creating time and space for them. You’re concertizing your intention to get them done.  Successful people know the value of time so they make a point of using every minute wisely.


Prioritize your tasks

If you have ten things you want to accomplish on any given day will you always get to all ten of them? Maybe not. Does the order you attend to your tasks matter? Definitely. If you want to make the most of each day then put your top priority at the top of your to-do list and block out a significant portion of your time to work on that without interruption. That doesn’t mean it should be first. You may not be at your best first thing. Maybe you need to have a couple of coffees behind you before you’re ready to give something your all. So block your priority project or task into the time slot when you know you are at your most effective.


Take note

How many of your great ideas have you forgotten about? We’re all struck by inspiration sometimes. Sometimes while riding the subway, sometimes while getting coffee, sometimes at a friend’s house. If you don’t write down that idea somewhere, chances are nothing will ever come of it. Make a point of writing down your ideas when they come to you. That might mean making a note in your phone, it might mean carrying a notebook around with you. It doesn’t matter how you keep track, what matters is keeping track.


Don’t get sucked into the social media black hole

If you answer every email the second it comes in, you’re wasting time. Same goes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social networks you participate in. A minute here, two minutes there turn into a time and energy sucking black hole.   In order to get anything done, your brain needs to focus and it’s impossible to focus if you’re constantly being interrupted. Block out certain times of day to check in with social media and email and don’t let yourself get to close to that black hole otherwise. 


Don’t let things linger

How many things have you got saved as bookmarks? How many emails or messages are waiting for your response? People who really value their time only touch things once. That means, when a response is required, they respond. They simply don’t let things linger in the later pile.


Don’t forget about the rest of your life

No matter how much your want to get done professionally you should not leave the rest of your life hanging like laundry forgotten out on the line. Time with family, exercise, volunteering, walking, spending time in nature, whatever it is you love in your life, you need to make time for it. We all work so hard and strive with such dedication in order to ultimately have more time to be with the ones we love and do the things that bring us joy and fulfilment. These are the things that add value to our lives. By making time for them everyday, you inspire yourself to work harder in other aspects of your life.