Change Is The Law

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The Job Window

Go with the flow


Even though Socrates died in 399 BC, his words ring as true and fresh today as they did nearly 2500 years ago.  No matter how perfect or imperfect things may seem in any given moment, they won’t stay that way. Life cannot ever stay the same. People change, circumstances change, ideas, thoughts and trends change.


To be happy and successful we need to be adept at handling change. We need to be able to act like water, and go with the flow. Sometimes we hit swirling eddies that take us off in unintended directions. We don’t get what we want.


Sometimes the tide brings in exactly what we want. But then another day currents change and the thing we wanted is no longer relevant or we want something completely different. The point is, water is never stagnant, or if it is, that means it’s going nowhere and is starting to stink. 


Lifting the weight of expectation


Life is all about change. Sometimes you will get what you want. Sometimes you won’t.  If you can choose to accept whatever comes your way, knowing that nothing is completely permanent, you may find a certain weight of expectation lifted from your shoulders. You may find it easier to meet challenges that worried you when you felt like they were part of an all or nothing outcome. You may find that you appreciate the positives more while you have them, and worry less about the negatives, knowing they won’t last.


Knowing that change is inevitable, helps make the negative moments feel shorter and helps you appreciate the positive moments even more!