How to Give an Awesome Presentation

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The Job Window

Have you ever had to stand in front of your boss and colleagues to give a presentation? Or maybe it was an important client you were standing in front of, trying to help them understand why they needed your company? Presentations can be as simple as sharing new safety practices, and as in depth as arguing that your company should change the way it does business. 


No matter what your presentation is about, there are ways to make it engaging, interesting and awesome. 


What’s the Point?

When the presentation is over, what do you want people to come away with? What’s the one thing you want people to be thinking about afterwards? This is your key point. Make sure, while you’re planning your presentation, that everything comes back to this point. Many presentations end up scattered and leave people scratching their heads. Keep yours aimed at a central point and your message will get across.


Know Who You’re Talking To

Your presentation isn’t about you. Sure you’re the one giving it, but what the presentation is really about is getting a message across to your audience. Knowing your audience is the number one thing Huffington Post suggests makes an awesome presentation. Cater your presentation to your audience. Will they get a movie reference? Can you make them laugh, or should you stay serious? 


It’s about Data, and Narrative

Everyone likes a good story. A good story gets people hooked. They want to know what happens next and they become invested in the outcome. Tell a great story, mix in your data and research to prove a point, and you’ll have a captive audience invested in what you’re talking about. As in all things, balance is key


Powerpoint, If Necessary

Powerpoint is nearly synonymous with work presentations. Don’t rely on a slideshow to do the whole presentation for you. A lot of people will just put all the information on slides, and read them out to their audience. This is boring. Visuals and slides should only be used to enhance your presentation.


When you’re able to find a great balance between data and story, and you can aim that story to your audience you’ll make a point that they’ll take with them.