Get In The Fast Lane To Earning Potential

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The Job Window


When you start a job you’re given a starting salary. In general your earnings will increase over time. Your regular employee reviews will influence the incremental increases somewhat, but if you don’t do something to actually accelerate your earning potential, you’re probably on a slow road to fortune.


Putting your earning potential into the fast lane

If you want to get out of that slow lane of earning potential into the fast one, you need to increase your worth to the company, and the way to do that is to learn new things.


Whatever industry you’re in there are probably all kinds of resources you haven’t looked into. Books, websites, tutorials, seminars, other people in your field. Get up close and personal with those.


Expand outside the parameters of your job description

Don’t just concentrate your efforts in precisely the things related to your job. Think about other skills that would complement what you do and learn about those. Bring the things you learn to the attention of the people you work with. Demonstrate the benefits of what you’re doing by explaining in tangible, quantifiable terms how the things you’ve learned can benefit the organization.


Everyone always talks about thinking outside the box, which is great. By learning more about your field and areas related to it, you’re also increasing the size of your box.


Revved up initiative

Showing the initiative to improve yourself and your skills doesn’t just help increase your earning potential because of the things you learned. It also sets you apart from others content to just let time slowly work on increased earnings for them. It shows that you’re serious about success, that you’re willing to go above and beyond what’s expected, that you’re the type of person who can be trusted with new projects or increased responsibilities. 


Even if your efforts don’t produce the benefits you’re looking for right away, they will in the long run. The more you increase what you know the more you increase your professional worth.