The Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise

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The Job Window

Why do you exercise?  To get in shape? To stay in shape? To improve your health? To become stronger, live longer? The myriad of physical benefits are all outstanding reasons to exercise. As a side benefit exercise also helps with just about everything else, including your professional life.


Increased creativity and focus

What you may not realize is the benefits of exercise extend way beyond the physical. As you exercise your body, you’re re-energizing it. You may be a little more tired in the short term immediately after exercising, but long term your energy levels increase. That added energy loops back and revitalizes your mental activities, like creativity and focus. You’re able to stay on task longer and you make less mistakes.


Reduced stress

While your body is being worked out and your energy levels are going up, your stress levels are going down.  Reduced stress makes tasks big and small so much easier to deal with.


Not only that, while your busy focusing your attention on repetitions or stretches or laps or whatever exercise you’re doing, you may find that when you’re done answers to questions that have been lurking around in the back of your head have worked themselves out.


Increased happiness

You may not exactly feel happy while you’re exercising because you’re so busy just trying to get through it, but exercise increases your dopamine production and dopamine is the happiness chemical in your brain.


If you want to make the most of your professional life don’t just think about time management, and productivity hacks and relationship building. Think about when you can squeeze in some time to exercise, every day.