What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

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The Job Window

Are there things you want to do with your life that you haven’t quite gotten around to? Big projects, small projects that keep moving from to-do list to to-do list? Or something that’s sitting in the back of your mind that hasn’t even made it to a to-do list?


What’s behind the excuses?

What’s stopping you from getting on with it? Lack of time? With enough organization lack of time can be dealt with.


Lack of skills? Again, skills are something that are in your control. If you don’t have the required skills then get out there and acquire them.


Sometimes lack of time and lack of skills and lack of anything else you can come up with are excuses for something else. Something much harder to deal with. Lack of courage.


The beast called fear

Fear of failure is an invisible beast that will do just about anything to keep you from pursing your goals. It will lay traps in the form of excuses to delay you or stop you altogether. It will immobilize you with thought patterns that keep you spinning in circles as surely as a train on a circular track. Worrying about doing something takes far greater energy and time than actually doing it. You can worry about the same thing over and over and over instead of actually going ahead and actually doing it once.


Instead of ignoring the beast, listen to it

Here’s a radical idea. Instead of trying to ignore the beast or fighting against it or sitting by immobilized while it hijacks your thoughts, listen to it. Go to the absolute extreme. What’s the worst that can happen? Imagine the worst case scenario in detail.


Are you still here? Pick yourself up and imagine what’s next. Do you try again? Do you revise your strategy? Do you take what you learned an go back to the drawing board? Worst case scenario generally means you feel bad for a while then you try again.


If you’re an author, the worst case scenario is rejection for a story or manuscript. So you revise your cover letter or your story and you try again. Maybe you’re an inventor and your invention doesn’t work the way you want. So you figure out what went wrong and try again.