Catch Your Passion

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The Job Window

We are always being told to “chase” our passion. And as amazing as it is to be on the run following that great, inspiring passion of ours, it would be even more amazing if we could catch it!


Sometimes people have trouble chasing down the driving passion that ignites a spark in their heart because they’re not entirely sure what that passion is. They like a lot of things. They’re interested in some, but nothing so far makes them want to jump out of bed each morning, grab their net and set out on the hunt. If you have yet to find your passion there are a few things you can do to help with your search.


Listen to your body

There are always things that energize and motivate you, and others that sap the energy right out of you and make staying in bed feel like the best option of the day. Take note of those things. Write them down. How your body reacts to different things and situations is a definite indication of what makes you happy. The sorts of things that could turn into a passion.


Look for patterns

You might think your energy levels are always pretty much the same or else that they fluctuate on their own according to the time of day or how much sleep you had or what you ate. Maybe its time to look a little deeper.


Maybe there isn’t a “thing” like cooking or motor biking that makes you want to go out and conquer the world, maybe it’s more vague than that. What you’re trying to do is see what sorts of things actually give you energy. Maybe its something like team building. Maybe it’s working outdoors. Maybe it’s peace and quiet with your computer. Once you figure out what sorts of activities motivate you, see if you can find your passion within one of those.


Give yourself options

In your hunt over the vast vistas of your environs for the rare and marvelous passion of yours, remember it need not be a specific one and only thing. Your passion can show its face in many guises. For example of working outdoors energizes you, you don’t have to chase down a future as a game warden. You could look at landscaping, tour guiding, construction, anything that gives you the opportunity to spend the majority of your day outside.


Create options for yourself. Look back on your lists of things that motivate you. Play with the elements you know you like to find several things that might make you happy, and then try them out.


When looking for your passion, there is no shame in failed experiments. Spend time searching through lots of different avenues. Once you find your passion in one of them, the hunt is on!