How to Cool Down When You Feel Like Boiling Over

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The Job Window

Day in and day out you put so much into your career and your life, and sometimes you simply can’t keep up. People are asking too much, you’re behind, you’re overwhelmed, one more request or demand and you feel like you might just boil over altogether.


The verbal mess of a boil over might give you minor relief in the moment but it certainly won’t do anything for your career, your reputation or your self-image. The key to keeping your cool is managing your stress levels before they get to boiling over proportions.


Slot in some time for exercise every day

Did you know that latest studies on Alzheimer’s have determined the best way to stay ahead of the disease isn’t a daily Sudoku, but a daily walk? Moving your body is more important for healthy brain activity than moving your brain! Not only does that daily movement give your brain a chance to separate from the rest of your daily stresses and come back refreshed, in the article Stress Management

from the Mayo Clinic they say: “Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries.”


Have Your Eggs In Different Baskets

If you’ve got everything riding on one big project that you think is going to get you that promotion you’re after, or that fantastic interview you just had, or that meeting with that person you’ve been trying to get a hold of for months and things don’t work out, you’re giving the blow out waiting in the wings an opportunity to burst out center stage.


Avoid that by always have a plan B, or C. Your ultimate goal doesn’t have to change, but by having contingency plans, detours will just be another way of getting there.


Don’t forget the importance of a good night’s sleep

So many of us are the super-heroes of our lives. We can get everything work-related done during the workday, go out later for a fantastic evening with friends then come home and work into the early morning hours on that new app that’s going to take the world by storm.


As much as you might think sleep can take a back seat to everything else that’s driving your life, it can’t. Not getting enough sleep will impact your ability to make sound judgments and drag those stress levels way up.  According to the Huff Post article, Lack of Sleep and Stress, “

Sleep can actually influence how much stress you experience.”


What that means is, how stressful you perceive a situation can depend on how much sleep you get. They put two groups (one sleep deprived, the other not) into a mildly stressful situation. The sleep deprived group perceived a higher level of stress. 


Always think first, react second

When someone or something has completely blown your fuses the first thing you want to do is retaliate. An angry email, or phone call or a face to face verbal knock down.


As mentioned earlier that might feel good in the moment, but in that moment you probably won’t be thinking straight. You’ll say things you regret later, you won’t have thought it through enough to clearly state what the problem was and how you want the situation addressed, and you’ll feel terrible about yourself later on. Regardless of how upset you get in the moment, it’s always better to hold off on your reaction until you’re calm enough to address the situation rationally.