Acing Round Two

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The Job Window

You are half way to getting your new job! After getting the call for the first interview you ensured you found out everything you could about the company and the people interviewing you. You practiced what you were going to say and once you got face to face you aced it! They like you! They also like a few other people. A second interview is in order. Which is great, and possibly stressful.  Tuck your worries away where you can’t see them or smell them. You’ve gotten this far, and with a little preparation you can ace this one too.


Second Interview not just a recap of the first

You might expect the second interview to be kind of a recap of the first with a higher up person, or more people. If you go in with that expectation you will be sorely surprised.


The second interview is the company’s opportunity to get to know you better. They know about your qualifications. Now they’re interested in finding out if you’re going to be a good fit with their organization. Don’t be surprised if there are a few people in the room. Some may just sit and listen, some will ask pointed questions, and others might be your prospective co-workers.


Double down on the homework

Presumably you did your homework about the company before sending out your resume in the first place. Whether you did or not, now it’s time to really dig deep. You don’t just want to know what the company does and who’s who, you want to try and figure out where they’re headed. Is there any news about the company in the news? Is there any news relevant to them or what they do? What are they tweeting about? What’s on their Facebook page? Bring what you learn into the conversation during the interview. Prepare ideas on what you would do in your role to help the company meet its goals.


Separate yourself from the pack

The questions that seemed tough during your first interview might seem kind of soft by the time you get to the second. They already know they like you and you’re qualified. Now they’re trying to determine if they like you better than the other second interviewees.


You don’t necessarily need to be more qualified at present. Someone with less qualifications and experience might be the better candidate. The thoughts and initiatives in your head, the walking potential waiting to be unleashed might be the deciding factor.


The best way to rise to the top is to be quick, concise, and articulate with your answers. In an article about How To Prep For Second Interviews

Forbes says:

“Be brief and concise in all your answers to questions. “Don’t ramble or go too off-topic,” says Annie Shanklin Jones, manager of IBM’s recruiting in the U.S. There’s no stopwatch running, but try to keep each response about two minutes or less.”


You know the company, you know all about the position you’re applying for, and you know what you would do if you got the job. Rambling can lead an interviewer to believe you are looking for an answer or are unsure of yourself. Quick, clear answers let interviewers know you are on top of your game.


Have your own questions at the ready

You know the interviewers are going to have new questions and so should you. These need to be questions different from the ones you asked during the first round. Make them more in depth. Ask them their goals. Find out what their five-year plan is. Ask about future opportunities for someone applying for your position. Let them know you’re looking at this as a long-term opportunity.


Start with confidence, finish with confidence

Make a point of checking in with yourself throughout the interview. Notice your posture, notice your breathing. No matter how you feel, project confidence. Don’t pretend you know more than you do, but do project a belief in yourself and your abilities. Engage in some small talk and banter. Smile. These are the people you’re going to be working with!