Should you include a photo on your resume?

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The Job Window

The only people who used to include a photo on their resume were actors and models, but over the past few years we’ve been seeing more and more resumes headed with a photo. Should you be rushing to include a head shot on yours?


On the side of no photo

Up until just a few years ago the resounding answer was still no. Everyone said the photo did nothing to enhance your qualifications, and it was a way of discriminating against prospective employees based on race, age, weight, gender etc. – qualities that have absolutely nothing to do with a person’s qualifications.


On the side of including the photo

Even so, that hard no is starting to soften because any employer that’s interested in seeing what you look like need only check you out on LinkedIn or Facebook or any number of other social media outlets where you may have a presence.


Also if you are handing your resume out at networking events or conferences, including a photo will help the people you interact with remember who you are.



In Germany it’s standard to include a picture on your CV. In Finland and the Netherlands a photo makes you look unprofessional. In the UK most employers still prefer photo-less resumes because that evens out the playing field.  Here in North America, although photo resumes are becoming more popular the vote is still out. Including that photo is still not expected. Although it’s not completely unacceptable, consensus still seems to be to keep the photo off the resume. Let your accomplishments and skills speak for themselves and let the potential employer see your bright shiny face when you walk through that door.