Take Your Day Back From A Bad Day Start

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The Job Window

Some days simply start out badly. You wake up a little late, you miss your bus, the coffee shop accidentally gets your order wrong, then you spill the coffee on your shirt.


There are days when nothing good ever happens and you can do no right. Right? Not necessarily.


Go out of your way to create positives

Instead of just accepting a bad day as the sea of misery and diving in for more, there are steps you can take to land you in another swimming hole.


Displace your bad day by doing something you know will create positive results


For instance, you can do something nice for someone else. Even a small thing like bringing them a cup of coffee. They’ll feel good, you’ll feel good and it will put a

chink in your bad day’s armor.


Take control of your thoughts

A bad start to a day can drag you off into all sorts of negative thought patterns. It’s up to you to stop those negatives thoughts from taking over.


Remember the mightiness of the pen

Write down the things that are bugging you, then write out possible solutions to address the problems. You’ll feel like you’re doing something proactive.


Or you could also try trying writing down things you’re grateful for. Grateful thoughts have a knack of knocking down nasty ones.


Ever hear of a puppy room?

Some universities bring in a room full of puppies for students to pet during exam times to help relieve stress. Studies have shown petting an animal will help you feel better


Accomplish one thing

Make a point of accomplishing one thing. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but accomplishing something will help break bad day’s spirit.


Distract the bad day with laughter

They say laughter is the best medicine. A few funny videos on You Tube may be all it takes to reframe your day!


Every minute is a new one

Remember, whatever happened a minute ago is no indication of what will happen next.  So just because you had a bad morning it doesn’t mean a bad afternoon will follow. If nothing else works check these 13 Steps To Get You Through A
Rough Day from BuzzFeed.