Feeding The Insatiable Email Monster

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The Job Window

What do emails and buses have in common? There’s always another one coming.


If you let it, feeding the email beast with constant attention will keep you from accomplishing your priorities and ruin whatever runs of concentration you manage to build up. Instead of jumping to attention every time the email beast demands to be fed with another inbox ding take control of the feeding times.


Check your emails only at allotted times

Every single email that comes through probably doesn’t need your immediate attention. Instead of letting yourself get distracted by every email beep or ding, decide you are only going to check your emails every hour or every two hours and hold yourself to it. If those little dings are just way too alluring then shut off the email notifications so their siren call never reaches your ear.


Prioritize your folders

Does everything that comes into your inbox stay in the inbox or have you got folders? Like a Jane from accounting folder and a Tarek from IT folder. Or maybe you have project folders, like a folder for sales and a folder for marketing and a folder for art.


Folders are a great idea for keeping organized, but they may not do anything to help you satiate your hungry email beast. The way to do that is to organize those emails (that you’re only looking at three or four times a day) into priority folders.



The emails in this folder must be dealt with today. Either during your scheduled email check or by end of day.


This week

These emails are a little less urgent and can be dealt with sometime during the week, like when you have some time and your today folder is empty.


For future reference

This folder is for emails that don’t actually require a response, but need to be kept somewhere accessible. You can create sub-folders in here. 


Instead of always being at the beck and call of the email beast, feed it your time and on your terms