Set Yourself Up For A Great Interview

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The Job Window

On paper you might be the best candidate for the job you’re about to interview for but if you’re too nervous to get that fact across in person the interviewer won’t know it. It’s okay to be nervous during an interview. Everyone is. They key to getting past that nervousness so your best most competent self can shine through is setting the mental stage for it before hand.


Inspire yourself musically

Some songs simply make you feel great. They can have associations with previous happy times in your life, times when everything was going great. Create a playlist of songs that inspire you and make you feel like you can do anything and play that in the morning of your interview. If that music makes you want to dance, then go right ahead and take to that dance floor while you’re getting ready!


Lighten the mood

We’ve all heard laughter is the best medicine. You may not think of laughter as a remedy for nerves, but it certainly can be. Find some funny videos before you go into your interview and break up your pre-interview tension with a few laughs.


Do the interview in your head

Before heading onto stage, performers do a dress rehearsal in their head. Athletes practice their game in their head as much as they do on the field.


Ace the interview first in your head then ace it again in person. Don’t just do this in the car or on the bus on the way to the interview. The day before or the morning of, find a quiet comfortable place to sit and run through your brilliant, smiling answers with the attentive, impressed interviewer. Do it until you feel great about the interview!


Listen to the voices in your head

Pay very close attention to your silent words. Are you telling yourself you’re going to do a great job or are you telling yourself you’re not qualified? You may not think the words in your head have any impact on what happens outside of it, but they do.


Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought about yourself or your chances for success, immediately counter that with positive talk. “Jane,” tell yourself, “You are eminently qualified for this job and you are going to have an outstanding interview!”


Worst-case scenario

Even if you do the interview and you don’t get the job, well what next? You try again with another job and another interview.


No job is the be all and end all of your career. Each one is a stepping stone to a new place in your life and career. Put the interview into perspective in the big picture. Remind yourself that although it would be great to get this job, even if you don’t get it, it’s still okay. You’ll have had an interview experience that will help you during the next one.


Alleviate the pressure of perfection. You will do your best and if you’re successful that’s great. If you’re not that’s fine too. No worries.