Networking Through Mingling

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The Job Window

Whether we’re looking for a job, trying to get a creative project off the ground or have discovered the new greatest thing that’s going to change the world we all know how important it is to build a network. Even so, if you’re starting from ground zero the thought of building that network can seem a little daunting.


Have you thought about getting yourself to events with like minded individuals and mingling?


Make Google your new best friend

Don’t even try saying you don’t know where you might find these individuals or these events because anything you want to find is as findable as your nearest computer. Google what you’re interested in and you will find seminars, events, lectures, meet-ups all kinds of things you can join and participate in.


Pick three

Once you find a few of these, pick at least three you’d like to attend. Only going to one is the same as putting all your eggs in one basket. You’ll feel stressed out like it’s your only chance to build your network and you won’t be able to genuinely engage. By going to several different events you can relax and build authentic relationships without all the pressure.


Remember Rome

Don’t expect to come out of your first few events with an entire network built and humming with activity. These things take some time to build and evolve. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your network be.


A few people at a time

Concentrate on finding a few really great people to befriend, and go from there. If you keep up a healthy communication with them, you’ll eventually meet some of their

colleagues and associates and your circle will grow from there.


Mix it up a little

Don’t just go to places where you’ll meet a bunch of people on your own level. These can be valuable, but much more so are places you can meet professionals who have been in the field for years.


Find an event with a speaker you really admire, or you know will have a large attendance of seasoned professionals. These are the people who can mentor you, and help you on

your way now.


If you snooze you lose, but if you schmoose you can win!