Together We Can Change The World

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The Job Window

Bill Nye is everyone’s favorite science guy. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, somewhere along the way Bill realized if he was going to change the world like he wanted to, the best way to do that was to share his passion and knowledge with kids. Combining his passion for science with his love of comedy, Bill Nye became Bill Nye the science guy.


Bill doesn’t just talk about changing the world, he does his best to do his part. In the early 2000s he helped develop a small sundial that’s now included on the Mars Rovers. He is the host of three shows on television, “The 100 Greatest Discoveries,” “The Eyes of Bill Nye,” and “Stuff Happens.” On top of that he regularly fields questions from people around the world for Big Think. He also still finds time to act as the executive director for the Planetary Society.


Bill is an individual who does a lot because he wants the world to be a better place for all of us. Whether you want change or the whole world or simply your corner of it, you have the capacity to be that change. To make that change.


Currently Bill lives in a solar powered house. “When you get an electric bill every 60 days for five bucks, that’s just fun,” he said. “We can do this, we can get this done. But I want you guys to do it better. I want you to change the world.”