Six Tips To Acing Your Next Interview

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The Job Window

You worked like crazy to land that interview. So did all the other people who got called in! Your next job is to set yourself apart from the pack. Here are six things you can do to ensure you move up to the front of the line


Be professional with your time, your attitude and your look

Does it matter what you wear to an interview? Yes! It absolutely does. You want to convey the fact that you are a competent person who expects to succeed before a single word escapes from your lips. 


If you arrive late or even just on time you will already be placing yourself behind all the other people who arrived ten or fifteen minutes early in order to get an idea of the atmosphere and culture they’ve walked into.


Have extra copies of your resume and cover letter on hand

You might be interviewed by a single person or you might be interviewed by several. Since you don’t know what you’re walking into, it’s always a good idea to bring several copies of your resume and cover with you.


It’s not just about what you did in the past

Your resume lists some of the duties you did in your past positions and if you did a good job it also details how you impacted the organization. During the interview they’re going to want to find out how you tick, why you approach things the way you do and whether or not that’s something they want to bring into their organization.


Do you like to ask questions, are you an independent worker, a collaborator? Are you a leader? An innovator?  When you tell them about what you did in the past make sure you include the whys. Why you approached a situation the way you did. How you expected it to benefit others or streamline an operation.


Get social with social media

Everyone checks out everyone else on social media and applying for a job is no different.  Start with the company website, but don’t stop there. Stalk them for a while. See what they’re saying on Twitter and Instagram. How do they interact with the public? Are they fun? Engaging? Aloof? All business? Get into that groove during the interview.


See what they’re up to. Did they recently make a donation to an organization? Have they had any company events lately? Bring up what you find out in your interview.


Have a list of your own questions

The interviewer will have lots of questions for you because they want to get to know you. Have a list of your own questions ready to demonstrate your reciprocal interest in getting to know them. Ask about the job. Ask about company philosophy. Make sure this job is going to get you where you want to ultimately go in your career.


Don’t oversell

The interviewer wants to find the best person for the position, but may not be entirely dependent on past accomplishments and qualifications. Do not sell what you don’t have, but do sell potential, sell foresight and enthusiasm for the future.