Happiness Is Not Something You Postpone For The Future

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The Job Window

Everyone wants to be happy. Of course. But no matter how much you may want to be happy it doesn’t always seem possible. Life steps in and throws you curveballs. Circumstances out of your control can take up tons of attention and leave you feeling helpless and unable to cope.


What we sometimes lose sight of is that even if life and circumstances are vying for our attention, we still have more control over where we decide to focus the rest of our energies than we may realize.


Spend time doing what you love

If you can manage to build a career doing what you love that’s great. However, even if your career is more about a regular pay check than fulfilling your life’s dreams you can still make time to do what you love and fill your personal happiness well.


If you love playing basketball then find yourself somewhere to play. Join a group. Play on weekends. Get yourself to a net and practice by yourself or with friends. Make a point of including the thing you love in your life and improving your skill level at it, so you can become really good at the thing you love doing. If you love playing the violin then play. Practice on your own. Join a community orchestra. Carve happiness creating time into your life.


Share your time with others

Do you ever notice how good it feels to help someone else? Helping someone else may take the form of doing them a favor. Helping with time or ideas. It may be spending a day in a soup kitchen or at an animal rescue facility. If there is a cause close to your heart and you can give of your time and energy to help that cause, your happiness factor goes up in tandem.


Imagine a time limit

How would you feel if you suddenly found out you only had a year left to live? Would you carry on doing exactly what you do everyday now? Would your priorities change? Would you spend more time doing other things? Being with other people? When all of your tomorrows suddenly come in a limited number you become clear on what’s most important in your life. On what exactly makes you happy and you’re no longer willing to keep putting those things aside until later.