Eating an Elephant

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The Job Window

Big projects can be a horrible scary daunting pain. Thinking about all the steps and all the work something will take, can be a bit overwhelming.


When faced with those projects, wondering how to tackle them, remember something: how to eat an elephant.


Small digestible chunks

So, how do you eat an elephant? A little bit at a time, of course. You don’t just try to unhook your jaw and swallow the thing whole. You have a little bit every day.


Apply this same mentality to your big projects. Don’t look at the elephant, look at the little piece on your plate. That’s all you have to eat right now. So just do that, ignore the rest, the rest can wait until tomorrow.


What’s most important is that what’s on your plate is enough for the day. Pace yourself, portion out what’s appropriate. Don’t put too little on your plate and starve yourself, and don’t put too much because then you’ll rush to get through it or overeat.


If you set good portions and make sure you eat that portion every single day and finish everything on your plate, you’ll have gone through that whole elephant before you know it!