Unreasonable Demands Beget Unreasonable Results

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The Job Window

When you look ahead at your life and what you want to accomplish, do you restrict yourself to only thinking of what you know you can do or do you imagine outside what you think is reasonable?


Imagine the unreasonable

We’re here to tell you to imagine the unreasonable. Don’t confine your thinking and your actions to what you think you might be able to accomplish. Reach beyond your boundaries. Try for more. Expect more of yourself. Push at your limitations until you change your limitations.


Achieve more

Remember you are setting the boundaries for what you can achieve. If you believe you can only do so much you will barely try to reach so much. If you expect you can achieve more, no matter how unreasonable that might seem, you will achieve more.


Be unreasonable in your expectations of yourself, the goals you set, the deadlines you work towards. Don’t just dream about what’s reasonable. Dream about the unreasonable.


George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion about flower girl Eliza Doolittle, who through an unreasonable bet between a pair of professors passes as a duchess at an ambassador’s garden party. No reasonable person would have thought it would be possible for the raggedy Eliza to transform into the picture of gentility, but unreasonable demands beget unreasonable results.