The Lost Art of Conversation

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The Job Window


We’ve all gown so accustomed to texting and quick commenting on our social media platforms that good old conversing face to face with another human being is turning into a bit of a lost art.


The thing is, one-on-one interactions are part of every single paying job. Which means that in order to get ahead, you need to get good at forging and maintaining relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you sit by yourself doing data entry or you’re part of a large team effort, there are still people you need to deal with on a daily basis.


When our social interactions are more text based than person-to-person based, we are not exercising our social muscles.


Hone your conversation skills

Being a good, attentive conversationalist is a skill, and skills require practice to learn and then maintain. Those strong conversation skills you develop will help you during your interview, then they’ll keep helping you all the way through your career. After all, if someone feels comfortable around you, they’ll like you, if they like you, they’ll hire you. After they hire you, if they continue to like you, they’ll promote you.


People like to work with people they like

Once a level of skill is established in the workplace, the next factor in deciding who moves up and who stays in place is more personal. Oftentimes it comes down to who people want to hang out with.


To get on the right side of the right people, you need to have sharp social skills on your side. Even if you’re naturally introverted, these are skills you can be developed. Introverts may not be comfortable in big group situations, but they’re usually fine with one on one interactions. So instead of worrying about talking to a hoard of people, focus on getting comfortable with the person in front of you.


Practice makes perfect

So what are we trying to say here? We’re saying get out and hang out with people in  person. Get together for coffee with a friend or acquaintance, go shopping together, walk and talk, keep the conversation flowing.


If conversation is an art, your mind and words are your paintbrush and pallet. So get out there and practice making beautiful things!