A Few Pre- Interview Tips

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The Job Window

No matter how much you prepare for your interview, some things you  may not have foreseen can still mess you up. Here are a few things to be aware of.


Don’t be too early

It’s great to be ten or fifteen minutes early, but getting there earlier than that can be inappropriate. You have been given a specific interview time. If you show up way outside of that timeframe, it could seem like you think yourself to be more important than other tasks they’ve already got scheduled.


Appearance matters

As they say, you can never make a second first impression so make sure you look

your best on the day of your interview. That doesn’t mean just dressing the part of the job you want to get (although you should) it means paying attention to how you carry yourself, the sound of your voice, the confidence with which you look at your interviewer. Present the candidate that has already been chosen and you will increase your chances of being that candidate.


Make sure you have quiet space for a phone/video interview

If you’re going to be interviewed over the phone or over Skype, make sure you’re in a quiet place. If they call you, and you spend half the interview shusshing your dog, or asking them to repeat themselves, you won’t seem professional and you’ll most likely spend the foreseeable future continuing to shush that dog


Have a clean Facebook account

Facebook and all your other social media accounts need to be wiped of everything that’s not professional before you ever step into an interview. Drunk, partying pictures might be fun for sharing with friends, but they’re not going to make a great impression on potential employers. Make sure your online presence is as charming as your in person person.