“A Man Cannot Be Comfortable Without His Own Approval.” Mark Twain

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The Job Window

You have goals and aspirations, everyone does. The question is are those goals things you believe you can achieve. Do you feel good enough? Smart enough? Worthy enough?


Those might seem like crazy questions to be asking of yourself. After all if you’re not going to be your own loudest cheerleader, then who is?


Funny thing is, most of us are so far away from being our own greatest cheerleader, it’s almost like we’re cheering for the other team or the other person who’s trying to achieve the goals we are.


No matter how loud or persistent the self-depreciating voice in your head gets, it’s imperative for you to counter it with self affirming thoughts. Whenever you tell yourself you are not good enough, stop and remind yourself that you are. Remind yourself of your accomplishments and the fact that you deserve success as much as anyone else.


Don’t wait for the approval for others. Create it, by approving of yourself first. Create an approval zone for yourself, from there all your goals are that much closer!