Go Out And Get Busy

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The Job Window

We all know the old saying, If you want something done give it to a busy person. Does that strike you as strange? You’d think a less busy person would be the better choice. They would have more time to pay more attention and do things right. They’d most likely finish sooner.


What’s strange is the opposite is true. The busy person gets things done because they are already in the process of doing. The less busy person who has to get going from scratch may have mental hurdles to overcome before they can even get moving.


The moving wheel

An effective busy person (one who is busy and gets things done, as opposed to one who is busy because they can’t get themselves organized) is like a wheel in motion. It’s much easier for a wheel in motion to keep going than to get rolling from a full stop.


Bumps in the road

Sometimes the wheel is stopped because it got thrown off course by a bump in the road that requires a little extra energy in the form of gas to get over. Or it requires a detour that takes it around the long way.


Sometimes it feels easier just to stay stopped rather than to exert the extra energy to get over the bump or figure out the detour.


Thinking is harder than doing

Thinking about doing something is always harder than actually getting down to doing it. And the longer you spend thinking and putting off doing, the harder it is to get down to business.