Five Easy Steps For Getting More Done

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The Job Window

All of us would like to get more done everyday, but slumps hit, our attention wavers, our motivation wanes and another day goes by with us having falling short of our best intentions.


Just because some days will inevitably come in at a 5 or 6 on the productivity scale there’s certainly no reason the rest of them have to. Here are a few simple things you can do to consistently bring your level of productivity up to an 8, 9 or on a really good day, 10.


Cherish your personal golden hour

Photographers and film makers love to shoot during the hour of sunset and sunrise when the golden light gives everyone a beautiful soft glow. Each of us has a certain hour everyday when we are most productive. For some it’s first thing in the morning, for others it might be well past the time the stars come out to play. Whatever that hour is for you, consider it your golden hour and make the most of it. Everyday.


Recognize the pitfalls of perfection

We all want to do our best, but no one’s best is perfection because no matter how close you get perfection is just that little bit better. It’s important to be able to recognize when a job is done and to stop trying to make it better because that extra time you spend closing in on perfection is time wasted or time you could have spent working on something else.


Music makes the work go faster

Rather than working away in silence or surrounded by the chatter of everyone around you, why not strap on a pair of headphones and get more done! Not only does listening to music somehow make the day go faster, it also helps you focus! The article, Do You Listen to Music While Working? from Inc. explains, “Various studies have indicated that, in general people who listened to music while they worked on repetitive tasks performed faster and made fewer errors.”


Relegate your low energy tasks to low energy time

There are certain things you have to do everyday that don’t require too much thought or dedicated attention and others that you want to tackle with 100% attention. Most of us have peaks during the day when we’re running on high energy and valleys when we’re running on mostly fumes. Use your peaks to get the important, demanding things done and the valleys for the stuff you can coast through.


Finish your day with a to-do list

When we think about making a to-do list, most of us picture ourselves doing it in the morning. However instead of wasting time in the morning trying to figure off where you left off the day before, why not let the day before simply tell you.


Create that list at the end of the day while everything that still needs doing is fresh in your mind. Top the list with the most important things you want to get done so your morning self has no choice but to acknowledge it!