Feel Invisible At Work?

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The Job Window

You go into work everyday and you do a good job, but you’re neither a new person who needs lots of attention nor someone on the cusp of being promoted. You’re more of a steady Eddie who goes in, gets the job done and goes home. If that’s the case do you ever feel invisible at work? Like no one notices you or what you do at all? If that’s the case and you’re perfectly happy with that then this probably isn’t for you. If however you’d prefer to start attracting a little attention to yourself, and along with it a little more appreciation and maybe some more responsibility, there are a few things you can do.


Get face to face with your superior

It could be that you are efficient at your job and don’t need any supervision so you are left to do what you do. If you want to feel a little more visible then check in with your superior (or boss) every once in a while. Let them know what you’re doing. How you are affecting the company.


A smile, a hello, a few pleasantries can make a huge difference in how you are perceived by others and also how you perceive yourself within the office environment.


If you feel like you could take on more work, let them know. If you see a way things could be improved, let them know about that too. Stand out a little as a human being, rather than settling for being simply another worker.


Pay attention to those around you

If you’re feeling a little invisible, chances are those around you might be feeling the same way. Make a point of acknowledging the work of those around you. If you see someone do a good job or handle a situation well, tell them. If they do something kind or helpful, thank them.


A few words of appreciation from you will probably encourage them to give a few words of appreciation to someone else. If everyone starts paying it forward, a few small acts of appreciation and encouragement can create a whole new office culture!


Notice yourself

Sometimes feeling invisible stems from inside ourselves. In the course of trying to keep up with the day to day of life we forget how important it is to give ourselves a break. A walk outside at lunch, or an evening or morning stroll, can do wonders for clearing the mind and changing perspective.


Make sure you drink enough water everyday. Take an apple or an orange to work. Eat healthier, sleep more. Make taking care of yourself a priority. Open your eyes and appreciate what you see around you. Sometimes if your perspective from the inside changes you’ll notice the way you perceive what’s happening to you on the outside changes right along with it.