Positively Increase Your Productivity

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The Job Window

Ever wonder how you can get more done everyday? Here’s something you might not realize, the higher your positivity, the higher your productivity!


You are a mirror to yourself

It might sound a little too smile and the whole world smiles with you simplistic to be true, but it is. You are a mirror to yourself and everything you think and do reflects back to you. Being productive makes you feel good about yourself and feeling good will make you more productive. It’s kind of like the opposite of a vicious cycle!


Get the cycle started

The key is getting the cycle started. Make a point of deciding to bring more positivity to what you do and that will encourage the productivity. Or conversely, bring up your productivity a bit, feel good what you’re accomplishing and boost your positivity.


Believe in your abilities

You will never be able to boost your productivity if you don’t believe you’re capable of doing more than you’re doing right now. If you don’t really believe you can do more then are you sure you’re in the right place? Is this something you want to continue with? If you don’t believe you can do more then you certainly can’t.


If you believe you can do more then you’re ready to lay down the foundation for achieving your productivity goals.


Schedule your productivity

To increase your productivity you need to set clear guidelines for yourself. Written guidelines that you adhere to. That means lists. Priority lists of things that MUST get done, should get done and wouldn’t it be great if I could get it done for each day.


Block out time for your lists and don’t finish the day without completing the MUST list. Hopefully you’ll also get through the should list. Wouldn’t it be great if you also made a dent in that list as well?


Plan out your lists for tomorrow at the end of today so as soon as you’re ready to get to work, you know what needs to get done.


At the end of the week create a master list for the week ahead. By filling your time in advance you are much more likely to stick to the plan when the time actually comes.


Seeing your accomplishments feels good

As soon as you start seeing progress you immediately start feeling better about what you can do. The better you’re feeling, the more motivated you’ll be to keep on doing what you’re doing to increase that productivity. Your productivity is a reflection of your abilities. Feeling good about your abilities encourages you to push yourself to the next level.


Feelings are contagious

All those good feelings you’re starting to have about yourself won’t stay limited to yourself for long. Your positive outlook and ability to get things done will inspire those around you to find their own happiness and increase their own productivity.


Problems seem less daunting

If you consistently feel like you’re out of time and failing in the accomplishing department it’s hard to stay positive, if however you’re seeing positive outcomes on a consistent basis, then when problems do arise you’re much more likely to take them in stride and believe they are things that can be overcome, rather than things that will can stop you in your tracks. Because you believe you can get things done, you feel good about yourself. Productivity leads to positivity and positivity leads to productivity. It’s another one of life’s cycles.