Your Absolute Best

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The Job Window

Whether you’re at the very bottom rung on the ladder to your goals or near the top, there is a single thing you need to do everyday, and that is your absolute best.


Doing your best inspires you to respect and believe in the person you are. It changes the way others look at you, it makes them more inclined to trust you with more responsibility or more money.


It spares you from regret about days past and self-recriminating thoughts. It moves you forward and keeps your thoughts about yourself and what you’re doing positive.


At the beginning of the day you are the one you need to answer to about how you’re going to spend the precious upcoming hours. At the end of the day it’s back to you. Yes there are people you report to, people how have power to promote or demote you, people who will like or dislike you and what you do, but ultimately the most important opinion is the one you have of yourself, because that’s the cue others are going to follow.


Playing people as diverse as anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, to human rights activist Malcolm X to boxer, to a drunk airline pilot, and just about everything in between, Denzel Washington has made a career of doing his best while following his own internal compass. Three Golden Globes, two Academy Awards and a Tony award later, it’s obvious others agree, when Denzel makes a cup, it’s the best cup he can possibly make.