All You Need Is A Minute

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The Job Window

We’ve all got a list of things to do every day. Some days we get through some things, some days everything, and some days none. That’s to be expected. We can’t always accomplish everything we want to do, but do you ever notice that some things keep moving from to-do list, to to-do list day after day without ever getting done?


The reason some things never get scratched off the list is because they seem so big and daunting. Oftentimes when a project or task feels overwhelming we put it aside until we feel mentally and physically ready to deal with it. Then by not dealing with it, the thing gets the added weight of a psychological barrier against doing it and we’re even less inclined to tackle it.


No matter what the size of your task, whether you’re prepared to do it or would rather put it off indefinitely, there’s a little trick that can completely change your perspective on it.


Give it a minute

Rather than getting intimidated or overwhelmed by the size of a project, deal with it in small, easy to manage segments. Essentially the trick is to only commit to one minute.


Set a timer and devote a single minute to your task. At the end of the minute you will have some sort of result. It probably won’t be a huge result, but it will be something. At that point you can either decide to come back and give your task another minute tomorrow or you can keep going. The hardest part of any project is getting started.


One minute is enough time to start, it’s enough time to put you into the proper mindset to get on with your task. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish by committing to a single minute!